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Life Changing

Laura Gilbert is a student in the Hahn School of Nursing and Health Science’s MEPN program, a master’s program geared toward students who have bachelor’s degrees in other fields and want to become registered nurses. Gilbert first earned a degree in public health education, then decided to pursue a career in nursing after providing around-the-clock care for her mom following a surgery that led to a complication.

As a full-time student, who’s busy with externships, there aren’t enough hours in the day to have a job, so the Founders’ Endowed Scholarship eases the financial burden for Gilbert, who goes to school during the day and works night shifts at local clinics and hospitals.

The scholarship recipient even took a trip with other students to the Dominican Republic to provide basic healthcare for hundreds of school-age children.

“We were there for 10 days and did well-child exams, home visits and head-to-toe assessments,” she says. “We administered medications, passed out toothbrushes, treated fungal infections and treated all kinds of issues. It was a really rewarding experience and was hard to leave the children who needed so much more than we could give in that short amount of time.”