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Program and Faculty Support

The Key to Attracting the Best Faculty and Staying on the Cutting Edge of How and What Students Learn

An endowed professorship or chair is an enduring tribute to the donor who establishes it. The chair or professorship, which can also be named for someone else whom the donor wishes to honor, lasts longer than the person for whom it is named. It lasts longer than any faculty member who carries its title. It lasts longer than any one class, cohort or generation of students.

An endowed chair or professorship is a measure of success, both for the faculty member who holds it and for the university that brings it to life. An endowed chair or professorship represents the very best in a particular discipline — the brightest faculty, the most innovative research and the most forward of thinkers who may be blazing trails in territories others haven’t even thought to explore. When brought together at one place and time, they’re the ones who dare to tackle some of society’s most complex issues.

Where an amazing faculty thrives and where scholarships are generous, extraordinary students will also abound. To give themselves the best advantages, students will go where renowned scholars promise to become esteemed mentors and lifelong advisors.

It all begins with enhancing the endowment.